Monday, July 6, 2009

A Busy Ten Days!

It's been a busy 10 days with the 4th of July Holiday falling in there. What a fun time of year though and a time to remember to say thank you to all of our service members for their service!

YYMN Malabrigo "Hollyhock" for Hollie's coming daughter
Malabrigo Hollyhock Double Braid Longies - Uncertain side

MYMN Cestari Superfine "Watermelon" dyed by me for Hollie's coming daughter
Cestari SF watermelon soaker - Uncertain set
The onesie I found at W-Mart. Saw it and thought it would match so picked it up as a little surprise for Hollie. I chopped it off and lettuce edged it on my serger! I am pleased with how well it matches!

Peace Fleece "Tuxedo" Soaker
PF soaker Trinoc
This started out as, I think "Father's Gray". I overdyed it with black to create something besides boring gray!

15 flannel/flannel or flannel/terry wipes and 5 half sized wipes for carrying in the plastic sposie wipe containers for in diaper bags. This is the first time I've tried serging curves and I'm happy with how they turned out! I will definitely be making more for our coming baby and for a Canadian friend who is expecting! These were for a partial trade for some baby bottles.
wipes 20090705

Katherine was so sweet in allowing me to share these pictures of her precious daughter, Grace, modeling her ATTD Scrappy shorties.
Grace in her ATTD Scrappy shorties

Grace in her ATTD Scrappy shorties

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