Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mamacloth swap!

I'm participating in a mamacloth swap on a forum I'm on. I finished my packages to ship today! I hope that the mamas like them!

Swap person # 1
mamacloth swap # 2
minky topped, fleece backed with 1 layer zorb inner sandwiched between either 2 layers birdseye on top and 1 layer birdseye on bottom OR 1 layer flannel top & 1 layer flannel bottom

Swap person # 2
mamacloth swap #1
Minky topped, fleece backed. Each of these have a different inner core so that the mom can try various fabrics. I can not recall now which snap color goes with which inner core but it is in the car to the mama so she’ll know, thus the reason that there is one pad with black snaps, one with red snaps, and one with white snaps. I had to take the snickers bar out as it was melting in the 3 min it took to take pictures :( so I added the box of tea in instead. Hope she likes it!

the inner cores are:
1. two layer birdseye, 1 layer zorb, 1 layer birdseye
2. 2 layers cotton fleece, 1 layer birdseye
3. 2 layers bamboo fleece, 1 layer birdseye

I received my two packages as well.

the first package I received was from a wahm who sells mamacloth - excellent craftsmanship! I did end up having to sell these as this wing style doesn't work for me. However, I loved my package - she did a great job with my extras! 1 lip balm from Clear Hills Honey, 3 candles, 1 tea bag and a super yummy fudgicle soap from Natural Madison on HC
swap package #1

My 2nd package arrived today as well.

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