Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last weeks projects

MM Birthday Girl
Mosaic Moon "Birthday Girl"

Mosaic Moon "Birthday Girl"

Mosaic Moon "Birthday Girl" Double Braid Close-up

Rainbow soaker - not sure what yarn this was - it had little black and white flecks throughout it that I picked out as I knit and oy was it a pain! But it turned out cute - and I have this onesie to crop and lettuce edge (I just folded it under for the pic)
rainbow soaker set

Look how tiny - if you set the CD on top of the soaker there is less than an inch on each side. It's so easy to forget just how tiny babies are at first!
Rainbow Soaker CD

This is a set for a friend who is due any day now with a little boy. For some reason this did not want to photograph well at all. The shirt really matches it very nicely but the shirt wanted to photograph lighter than it is IRL and the shorts wanted to photograph darker (kinda a brighter green) than they are IRL. It was rainy here so I opened the front door to let some light in to try to get a decent pic but it didnt' work so well :( They really do match nicely in person. Maybe tomorrow I can get a better pic before I mail this off to her.
Baby P set

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