Thursday, April 30, 2009

Custom Capris & Soaker for new babe

Custom Capris for Ashley of Crunchy Clean. Cestari Superfine Merino dyed by me - knit with a double braid.


Ashley side

Soaker for the new babe coming! Need to either paint a little tshirt to go with this or sew a little top - thinking I'd rather paint a T-shirt but not sure what to paint on it - not the right color for blue birds really. Any suggestions?

S soaker

The soaker was knit from leftover Araucania Nature Wool Bulky Solid and Multy that I used to knit this hat 2 winter seasons ago for one of our other children. (crummy pic washed out by flash - really should take a new one)
KA's Hat

The soaker was a great way to use up the leftovers of the multy color (color # 210) as I only had approx 1.5oz of that along with a little over 1.5oz of the Teal trim color (#120 Turquoise).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Charity Auction YYMN Slot & Yarns I dyed this week

the shorties are for the mama who won the charity YYMN auction for a cloth diapering mom of 8 children who is on a forum I'm on who lost her husband suddenly approx 2 months ago.

Stephanie's Scrappy shorts

Stephanies Scrappy shorts side

yarns I dyed this week - I had a pair of shorties for a trade nearly finished and they got left in the vehicle window for about 2 days worth of TX sunshine and got slightly bleached so I redid it (now the yarn on the bottom) and started dyeing another skein when the colors wanted to mesh together so I overdyed that to make the middle purple/black/etc one you see and then did another green/pink one (the yarn on top) to do a set for one of my own dd's at some point.
This weeks yarns

I don't know what to call the purple/black/etc.... (see below) - any suggestions?
Over dye

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recent Finished Items

Finished up one tester pattern for a wahm but no pics to post as she is going to submit it to Knitty! I'm hoping the pattern makes it in! Very excited for her!

Recent Custom - the one I posted about the other day - This momma is so super sweet! This yarn on the other hand - was not so nice! However, it did finally cooperate! But it did not stretch as far as she would have liked. She had hoped for a 6" inseam and I could only get a 4" inseam. Absolutely love this colorway but the WAHM dyer is now out of biz.


I literally used almost every last inch of this yarn - here is what was leftover - less than a yard of the main colorway (6" ruler in the picture for reference)
Megg leftover

This is the "True Love Cowl" tester pattern for Melanie of Adorabubble Knits. Knit with Bernat Satin yarn - this yarn is gray but has hints of brown in it when it hits the light just right.
Cowl angle

Sugarbubbie Halter Tester Pattern knit from Lily Sugar'n'Cream cotton yarn. This one is for my baby cousin.
Sugarbubbie Halter front

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This yarn will not cooperate!

I finished a custom for a very sweet mama that I've knit for once before (finished pictures later). However, completing this pair turned out to be quite an adventure. This yarn wanted to pool vertically no matter what I tried - increasing a few stitches, decreasing a few stitches, going up a needle size, going down a needle size - nothing helped! Finally I added a rope cable - still not cooperating! As a last ditch effort I tried a braid and woooohooo! My last resort would have been to have knit from both ends of the skein. This project used every last bit of yarn. There was literally less than 1 yard of yarn left over of the main colorway.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whew what a month!

Whew! We went out of state to visit family and ended up with two family emergencies and then after we got home I got a nasty cold and am finally starting to feel better again yesterday!

I have serious catching up to do now!
Customs I need to get out:
Megg's capris
Ashley's shorts (trade for laundry soap)
waiting on yarn for YYMN for Stephanie (Charity Auction winner)
trade is on hold for now (her mom is battling cancer - please keep D's mom in prayer)

I hope to finish both Megg and Ashleys' this week.

then as soon as Stephanie's yarn arrives be able to start on them the following week.

We had an unforcasted 2" of snow this week which melted by evening and left a muddy mess. They are calling for more rain/sleet/snow tonight. Don't these folks know it is April and supposed to be spring already! I'm definitely ready for some sunshine and blue skies and warm temps and for everything to turn green and not be a muddy mess!