Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Projects

This weekends projects:
Finished 1/2 of a custom.
cleaned out high boy dresser!

Knit this little top - isn't it sweet! Saw the pattern in a LYS last week. I really tweaked this to where I can't say I followed the pattern at all but I certainly enjoyed this knit and it produced such a cute little top! It is made to be a dress and much fuller than I created.

I literally barely eeked this little top out of leftover yarn from the pixie dust longies that I knit. I had to dig out approx a 24 inch scrap I had used (I think as a lifeline) and wet felt it to the end of my yarn in order to finish binding off and weave in the end! This is supposed to have 4 i-cords for ties at the shoulder but I will be adding ribbon for ties since I ran out of yarn. LOL
There is also a row of eyelets just below the smocked top for a ribbon to go through.

S's smocked top

S's smocked top close top

Also sewed up 13 mamacloth pads for a gift and for myself.

Gift Set:
This is a gift set to a special mama in Canada. Each has various soaker fabrics so she can try out various materials and also vairous shapes/sizes to see what she likes most.
Mamacloth Gift Set
from left to right:
left: 14 inch, 2 birdseye, 2 zorb, 2 flannel, hidden PUL, blue flannel back
left middle: 13inch, flannel, zorb, flannel, 2 birdseye, terry soaker, hidden PUL, coffee addict flannel back
right middle: 13 inch, 1 layer terry, 2 zorb, 1 terry for soaker, green flannel back
right: 9.75 inch, terry, zorb, flannel for soaker, flower/paisley flannel back

My Set:
ranges in size from 9.5 inches to 13 inches. All have zorb sandwiched between other materials (flannel, birdseye, terry, etc) for soaker layers and most have fleece backing.
July 11, 2009 mamacloth

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