Friday, July 10, 2009

Mosaic Moon Pixie Dust Longies & Ramblings

Tricia - thank you for the fleece soaker! It was so very kind of you! This is Tricia's son, Nico. He is 3 mo old and already 17lbs! Tricia thank you for sharing this photo! and truly thank you very much for the fleece soaker!
Nico 3mo "Tuxedo" Peace Fleece soaker

This pair of longies were so hard to photograph. Parts of the purple wanted to turn out blue in the photo. It was overcast here today and - well these longies just did not want to be photographed LOL. This is a stunning color in person and none of these photographs do this colorway any real justice. You can see more accurate pics of the colorway at the mosaic moon gallery

I ended up having to take a picture inside with a flash and it seems that always washes out the cable and makes it far less noticeable than it is in real life.

Mosaic Moon "Pixie Dust" on 3 ply uruguay merino wool
H16;R16;I7;T8 5spi 3 5/8oz
Plymouth Galway color #89 trim

MM Pixie Dust Longies

MM Pixie Dust Longies leg angle

MM Pixie Dust Longies side

see you really can see the cable LOL
MM Pixie Dust Longies

A picture of Pixie Dust from the Mosaic Moon website

I had picked up a pattern earlier in the week at the LYS to make a sweater top/dress for S. I modified it to be knit in the round rather than flat and also made it shorter to make a top instead of a dress and did fewer YO's so that it was not as full because I knew I would not have enough yarn to do as many increases as they did and I knew I wanted a top and not a dress. I used the Plymouth Galway worsted yarn scrap (2 3/8oz) leftover from the MM Pixie Dust longies. very quick knit! I used every last little bit of wool I had! Even had to wet felt a scrap that was approx 2 feet long onto the very end of the main scrap in order to finish binding off and be able to weave in the end! Didn't even have enough to make the 4 ties on it so I'll be getting some cute ribbon to use for ties. No pics yet since I have not gotten to block it! Did pick up some yarn to knit some little shorts to go with the top today while in town though.

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