Friday, May 29, 2009

"Flamingo" Soakers & Misc.

Whew it's sure been busy here! Seems that summer is always busy! We sure are enjoying the warmer days though!

Recent knits:
Two soakers - one is for Tish's listtle one with a matching headband and another for a very special little girl. "Flamingo" dyed by Tykie Knits on corriedale.
my4blessings soaker
W16; H18; R16;T9
3oz 5spi

S's Tykie Knits "Flamingo" Soaker on Corriedale

A dear friend got to visit recently! It was such a wonderful time to get to visit again. It's always so nice to laugh until your sides hurt and tears run down your cheeks. She wanted to learn to sew so that she could make herself some cloth menstrual pads (aka mamacloth). While teaching her I sewed up a few pads for her to take home with her (forgive the wonky pics - I forgot to take pics before I sent them home with her so these had been crammed in her suitcase).

3 daytime cloth pads
M's 3 day pads

3 overnight/heavy flow pads
M's 3 overnight pads

she wants to try various shapes/sizes so I drew out approx 13-16 different shapes/sizes. A few are freebie patterns on the net but others are after a sposie pad or freehand after seeing something similar or completely freehand tweaking to what she described she wanted.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scrappy Diamond Cabled Shorties

Luv2luvzaya front leg

Knit using various Cestari Superfine Merino scraps. First time knitting this particular cable. I think it shows up better than some of the smaller cables.

Luv2luvzaya side

H20.5; R17; I3.5; T12
3 7/8 oz

Friday, May 8, 2009

Western Sky Knits "Chocolate Rainbow" & "Crimson" Striped Longies

Longies for baby S knit from Western Sky Knits "Chocolate Rainbow" colorway on Cestari Superfine yarn with stripes of Cestari Superfine in the "Crimson" colorway.

WSK choco rainbow stripe crop

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Avery in his scrappy shorts

Stephanie was kind enough to share with me (and allow me to post) pictures of her precious son, Avery, in his scrappy shorts.

Avery's Scrappy Shorts

Avery's scrappy shorts 2

Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to knit for your handsome little fella!