Monday, December 28, 2009

No Words

An online friend I've known for about 5-7 yrs now was 31 weeks along when her blood pressure started acting up. They just posted on her facebook page tonight that at 32 weeks their precious baby boy was stillborn yesterday (day after Christmas). There are just no words, only tears. Normally I can shake the tears and sadness quite quickly and pray for the losses I hear about but tonight I keep coming back to the tears for this precious woman and her family. She is an amazing woman of God and I know that He will see her through this as the Lord always carries us through the darkest of times. For those of you who happen to read this please lift up a prayer for my friend and her family in the coming days.

To my friend and her family and her precious baby boy - you are in our hearts and prayers.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Projects

What a busy but wonderful month December has been so far!

Still have not gotten pics of a few things (scrappy rag quilts for 4 of kiddos; matching PJ pants for dh and 2 boys, apron for best friend and myself, and scrappy rag quilt alphabet letters). Hope to do that tomorrow but the snow here has been crazy! We have drifts 4 1/2 to 5 feet high! I had hoped to go to JoAnns today to get some of the bias tape maker gadgets since they are 40% off this week but that is going to have to wait because we have a huge snow drift outside the garage door and my van is not 4 wheel drive LOL.

Christmas Projects:

Reversible Adjustable Doll Mei Tai carrier for Christmas
Reversible Adjustable Doll Mei Tai modeled front Doll Mei Tai modeled back

Doll Mei Tai outside butterflies

Doll Mei Tai outside swirl

Doll Mei Tai inside

Reversible Apron for my cousin for Christmas
My cousin does not like halter ties around her neck. Modified this apron to criss cross across her back - put D rings at the sides rather than waist ties so the two straps that come from the neck criss cross across her back then through the D rings and tie either in front or in back. Created the ties incredibly long so that she could decide if she wanted to tie in back or wrap to front and tie. Figured she could always trim and hem them short after she got it and I'd rather them be too long intially than too short. The green does not look like it matches in the photos. It appears almost a neon type green but it is not. It is the same green that is in the cupcakes and the paisly print. In real life it is beautiful together. Chose the green contrasting trim color because her husband's favorite color is green.
E's Apron Christmas 2009
Reverse side:
E's Apron Christmas 2009

Baby's soft book of colors for our youngest and 1 yr old baby cousin for Christmas:
Front covers
Baby Soft Book 1 Cover Front

pages 1 & 2
Baby Soft Book pg 1 and 2

Pages 3 & 4
Baby Soft Book pg 3 and 4

Pages 5 & 6
Baby Soft Book pg 5 and 6

back covers
Baby Soft Book 5 back cover

One of our DD's slippers before I dyed them and before felting. One of her favorite colors is red but I could not find red yarn that I liked so I over-dyed these.
DD4's Felted Slippers - before felting

DD's slippers aftering dyeing (before felting)
DD4's Felted Slippers - before felting but after dyeing

DD's slippers after felting
DD4's Felted Slippers 6

Another of our DD's slippers before dyeing & before felting
One of her favorite colors is purple but again I could not find a purple yarn I liked so I over-dyed this pair as well.
DD2's Felted Slippers - before dyeing & felting

DD's slippers after dyeing (before felting)
DD2's Felted Slippers 3

DD's slippers after felting & dyeing - they are a brighter purple in real life
DD2's Felted Slippers after felting

And being modeled by the recipient
DD2 felted slippers modeled 2

Breast Cancer Awareness Tote for my Aunt who is a BC Survivor. Knit with Plymouth Galway yarn and then felted. The "ribbon" is a felted square then cut in the ribbon shape and appliqued on. Lines with pink ribbon fabric from JoAnns
AL's Breast Cancer Awareness Tote

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some of December's Projects

DH's socks from ZenString "Esquire" on BFL Lotus Toes yarn knit toe up to maximize yardage of yarn.
Zenstring "Esquire" on Lotus Toes - right foot

Zenstring "Esquire" on Lotus Toes - both feet side

Zenstring "Esquire" on Lotus Toes - heel

Alligator Knits "Pumpkin Patch" longies on Cestari Superfine Merino yarn
Alligator Knits "Pumpkin Patch"

Alligator Knits "Pumpkin Patch"

Mosaic Moon "Birthday Girl" on Mountain Meadow Yarn
Mosaic Moon "Birthday Girl" on Mountain Meadow

Mosaic Moon "Birthday Girl" on Mountain Meadow

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wooden Toy Giveaway

The Raising Olives blog is having a wooden toy give-away! You have to love the quality of handmade wooden toys! It's also nice to purchase from a small mom & pop operation rather than a large corporation when able to.
go check out their blog and also their store.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December! Already?

Really? It's already December? This year has flown by. I have a suspicion that December will fly by even faster than the previous 11 months have. There is alot of knitting and sewing that needs to be done for Christmas. I've gotten a few things done but not all that I hope to (or need to) get finished.

Thanksgiving with family was wonderful!

Some November Knitting

"Winter Pear" by Mosaic Moon on Cestari Superfine Merino
Mosaic Moon "Winter Pear"

Mosaic Moon "Winter Pear"

"October Morning" by Mosaic Moon on Cestari Superfine Merino
Mosaic Moon "October Morning"

Mosaic Moon "October Morning"

"This Is How Much I Love You" (TIHMILY) by Lindsay of Family Roots on Bulky Organic Gaia
"This Is How Much I Love You" by Family Roots

"This Is How Much I Love You" by Family Roots

And finally some Christmas Items:
slippers pre-felting - approx 13" long before they were felted
used Bernat Felting Natural Wool - I much prefer the Paton's Soy Wool yarn! In my opinion the Paton's Soy Wool is more enjoyable to knit with. I also prefer the way the Patons SWS felts over the Bernat. Unfortunately I've got 2 more pairs of slippers to make out of the Bernat. :(
slippers for dd (pre-felting)

After felting - approx 7 1/2" long
dd's slippers

Another pair of slippers for a gift - used Paton's Soy Wool Stripes - pre felting approx 15" long
M slippers prefelted

felted - approx 9" long
M's slippers felted

M's slippers felted

SMSS Pinafore using Paton's Soy Wool Stripes
M's SMSS Pinafore

I also finished up my husband's socks but I've not gotten a decent picture of them. They do not want to cooperate with being photographed indoors and it's simply been too cloudy & gray & icky out here or too blustery and freezing to try to get a picture outdoors in natural lighting. Hopefully I can get a picture of them soon though and post. He seems to really enjoy them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow another month gone by!

Wow the time is sure sneaking by this year! Only 50 days (7 weeks) until Christmas!

This was a busy month here with various goings on. The weather was cold more like what you would see in December than October! So far November has been much more kind to us! In October we had 3 weeks straight with maybe 4-6 days of sunshine! The rest were very gloomy and cloudy and icky weather days. Very drab.

Knitting for the month of October:
Blackberry Ridge 2 ply medium gray braided longies
Blackberry Ridge 2ply Braided Longies

Arlo wearing his BBR Longies
Arlo wearing BBR Braided Longies

"Talia" on cestari superfine merino by Micky of MicsKnitz
This photo does not do this yarn justice at all! This is truly a beautiful pair of longies in person. I could not capture the true colors with indoor lighting and a flash.
MicsKnits Talia Cestari SF

Laines Magnifiques "Winter Ice" on BFL
Laines Magnifiques "Winter Ice"   on Soyeux BFL (UK)

Laines Magnifiques "Winter Ice"

Family Roots "Chocolate Roses" on Cestari Superfine
Cestari is such a cottony warm yarn and Lindsay of Family Roots dyes some beautiful colorways!
Family Roots Chocolate Rose on Cestari SF

Grace wearing her "Chocolate Rose" Longies
Grace in "Chocolate Rose" by Family Roots

Western Sky Knits "Rivendell" on Cestari Superfine
The Western Sky Knits ladies are amazing! They dye some of the most amazing colorways that knit up beautifully!
"Rivendell" on Cestari Superfine Merino by Western Sky Knits
"Rivendell" by Western Sky Knits

"Rivendell" by Western Sky Knits

"Rivendell" by Western Sky Knits

Cascade 220 Natural "Bloomies"
pattern is by Mandie of Sheepy Time Knits
Cascade natural bloomies

Cascade 220 Heathered Longies
cascade heather longies