Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whew what a month!

Whew! We went out of state to visit family and ended up with two family emergencies and then after we got home I got a nasty cold and am finally starting to feel better again yesterday!

I have serious catching up to do now!
Customs I need to get out:
Megg's capris
Ashley's shorts (trade for laundry soap)
waiting on yarn for YYMN for Stephanie (Charity Auction winner)
trade is on hold for now (her mom is battling cancer - please keep D's mom in prayer)

I hope to finish both Megg and Ashleys' this week.

then as soon as Stephanie's yarn arrives be able to start on them the following week.

We had an unforcasted 2" of snow this week which melted by evening and left a muddy mess. They are calling for more rain/sleet/snow tonight. Don't these folks know it is April and supposed to be spring already! I'm definitely ready for some sunshine and blue skies and warm temps and for everything to turn green and not be a muddy mess!

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