Friday, April 17, 2009

Charity Auction YYMN Slot & Yarns I dyed this week

the shorties are for the mama who won the charity YYMN auction for a cloth diapering mom of 8 children who is on a forum I'm on who lost her husband suddenly approx 2 months ago.

Stephanie's Scrappy shorts

Stephanies Scrappy shorts side

yarns I dyed this week - I had a pair of shorties for a trade nearly finished and they got left in the vehicle window for about 2 days worth of TX sunshine and got slightly bleached so I redid it (now the yarn on the bottom) and started dyeing another skein when the colors wanted to mesh together so I overdyed that to make the middle purple/black/etc one you see and then did another green/pink one (the yarn on top) to do a set for one of my own dd's at some point.
This weeks yarns

I don't know what to call the purple/black/etc.... (see below) - any suggestions?
Over dye

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