Thursday, March 5, 2009

Misc. Ramblings

Nothing further on dh's socks.

Started the tester cowl pattern and realized that it was not looking quite like it should. Told dh and he asked if it was me or the pattern LOL - I was not positive so I started a 2nd cowl - it still did not look right. So I emailed Melanie and there was a tiny note I had missed by following the chart and not remembering this little note! Ack silly me! However, I might have decided to use a different yarn that I have. I had planned on doing the worsted weight version so that it would knit up quicker but I do have a skein of Aracuania Ranco Multi Sock yarn that I know I do not want to knit socks out of but it might be nice for this - but then again it might be too colorful. What do you think?
Araucania Ranco Multi

In the mean time she finished up the another tester pattern so I started test knitting it.

Also finished a custom pair of shorts for a trade out of "Good Earth" Cestari Columbia yarn dyed by Lamar of A Time To Dye. I still need to weave in the ends and make the drawsting oh and lanolize it.

Dyed this Cestari Superfine yarn for a trade for some detergent from Ashley of Crunchy Clean Laundry products. I finished the waist and am starting the body on this pair.

Watermelon center pull

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