Thursday, April 30, 2009

Custom Capris & Soaker for new babe

Custom Capris for Ashley of Crunchy Clean. Cestari Superfine Merino dyed by me - knit with a double braid.


Ashley side

Soaker for the new babe coming! Need to either paint a little tshirt to go with this or sew a little top - thinking I'd rather paint a T-shirt but not sure what to paint on it - not the right color for blue birds really. Any suggestions?

S soaker

The soaker was knit from leftover Araucania Nature Wool Bulky Solid and Multy that I used to knit this hat 2 winter seasons ago for one of our other children. (crummy pic washed out by flash - really should take a new one)
KA's Hat

The soaker was a great way to use up the leftovers of the multy color (color # 210) as I only had approx 1.5oz of that along with a little over 1.5oz of the Teal trim color (#120 Turquoise).

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