Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's on the knitting needles . . . . Pattern Testing & Dh socks

what's on the knitting needles?

I started socks for dh 2 days before Valentine's. I've not had much time to work on them though. However, I'm super excited about knitting this pair for him. The last pair was out of Dream In Color Classy worsted weight yarn using the
Knitty Thuja
pattern. This pair is out of Zen String Lotus Toes BFL. I'm knitting the "Esquire" toe up (first time I've knit toe-up as the Thuja's and the other sock I've knit were top down).

When I first emailed Angelina of Zenstring - I asked her if she'd consider a colorway of navy, maroon, black or dark brown and silver/gray in sock yarn for my dh. She replied that she thought she had just the colorway that she had just created and was going to release soon. After seeing some of the other "Esquire" skeins knit up on Ravelry mine seems to have deeper colors and I'm so very glad! Some of the other skeins seem to have brighter colors and some pink to them and while dh does look very nice in pink I don't think he'd want pink in these socks LOL.

Here is a pair of socks knit out of a skein of Esquire by Angelina. The skein I'm knitting with is definitely deeper in color. Here is another skein of "Esquire" from Kingdom Knits on flickr. That skein definitely has lighter colors. I really do like the richness of the colors in the skein I received from ZS! I can't wait to see how they turn out. It's such a beautiful yarn!

ZS Esquire LT
ZS Esquire LT 2

Also test knitting a Cowl pattern for Melanie of Adorabubble Knits

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