Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow another month gone by!

Wow the time is sure sneaking by this year! Only 50 days (7 weeks) until Christmas!

This was a busy month here with various goings on. The weather was cold more like what you would see in December than October! So far November has been much more kind to us! In October we had 3 weeks straight with maybe 4-6 days of sunshine! The rest were very gloomy and cloudy and icky weather days. Very drab.

Knitting for the month of October:
Blackberry Ridge 2 ply medium gray braided longies
Blackberry Ridge 2ply Braided Longies

Arlo wearing his BBR Longies
Arlo wearing BBR Braided Longies

"Talia" on cestari superfine merino by Micky of MicsKnitz
This photo does not do this yarn justice at all! This is truly a beautiful pair of longies in person. I could not capture the true colors with indoor lighting and a flash.
MicsKnits Talia Cestari SF

Laines Magnifiques "Winter Ice" on BFL
Laines Magnifiques "Winter Ice"   on Soyeux BFL (UK)

Laines Magnifiques "Winter Ice"

Family Roots "Chocolate Roses" on Cestari Superfine
Cestari is such a cottony warm yarn and Lindsay of Family Roots dyes some beautiful colorways!
Family Roots Chocolate Rose on Cestari SF

Grace wearing her "Chocolate Rose" Longies
Grace in "Chocolate Rose" by Family Roots

Western Sky Knits "Rivendell" on Cestari Superfine
The Western Sky Knits ladies are amazing! They dye some of the most amazing colorways that knit up beautifully!
"Rivendell" on Cestari Superfine Merino by Western Sky Knits
"Rivendell" by Western Sky Knits

"Rivendell" by Western Sky Knits

"Rivendell" by Western Sky Knits

Cascade 220 Natural "Bloomies"
pattern is by Mandie of Sheepy Time Knits
Cascade natural bloomies

Cascade 220 Heathered Longies
cascade heather longies

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