Friday, September 25, 2009

We're Back!

We traveled out of state for almost two weeks! Oh the warm weather was fantastic! I am not ready for winter! Hopefully fall will last a good long while!

Working on finishing two pairs of longies! Hope to have them done tomorrow! Dh's socks are up to the heel! I've just gotten Cat Bordhi's new book "New Pathways For Sock Knitters". The best price I've found so far is from KnitPicks. KnitPicks has many of their books 40% off right now! I've not decided what type of heel to do yet. I know that I prefer not to do a short row heel. I've barely gotten to skim through the book! Hopefully Sunday afternoon I can sit down and read while nursing the littlest one and see what all suggestions Ms. Bordhi has for sock heels (knitting toe up). I've found several patterns online that give general instructions for a couple different ways to do heel flaps. I read through them before we left so I need to read back through those as well as a few others I've come across and choose which to do. These poor socks were started last February with small hopes of them being a Valentine's gift and obviously that did not happen. It is with great hope that these will be finished for dh's birthday!

Just before we left our local LYS was going out of business. I visited twice and picked up a couple of skeins of yarn with sweater projects in mind. There was a specific skein I wanted on our 2nd visit and a lady who was in there had it in her basket already :( However, in browsing I noticed a partial skein wound into a ball and asked the shop owner if she'd sell it to me as I figured it is probably enough for an ankle pair of socks. She refused to sell it to me but very kindly gave it to me! Not sure if it'll be enough for dh socks but I think it'll be plenty for me ankle socks. I need to weigh it and compare to a pair of worsted weight socks previously knit for dh and see. If it is enough then I'll set a goal to have those finished for dh's birthday as well since worsted weight socks knit up so quickly.

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